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# Content
1 =encoding utf-8
3 =head1 X<tip_of_the_day>Tips of the Day
5 This section contains the Tips of the Day, ordered by most important to
6 least important.
8 =head2 Tutorial
10 For first time users of Deliantra, consider skimming through the
11 L<tutorial>. You can also access it by pressing the B<Help> button at the
12 top.
14 =head2 Apply and Examine Keys
16 The B<Spacebar> usually applies the topmost object on the ground, while
17 the B<Return> (or B<Enter>) key examines it. See L<the keyboard|the_keyboard>
18 for more keyboard mappings.
20 =head2 The Completer
22 You can type most commands by simply typing an B<abbreviation> whenever the
23 play area has the keyboard focus. See L<the keyboard|the_keyboard>
24 for more info.
26 =head2 The Mouse
28 The left mouse button usually B<examines> an item. The middle mouse
29 button usually B<applies> an item (which can mean a lot of things, such
30 as drinking, wearing, wielding and so on). The right mouse button usually
31 opens a B<menu> with further options. For example, the right-mouse-button
32 menu of the playing area gives you quick access to the playerbook and
33 autopickup, while the RMB-menu in the skills window lets you create key
34 bindings for using skills.
36 =head2 Autopickup
38 You can let your character automatically pick up stuff when you are moving
39 over a L<map space|glossary/space>: First select which items to pick up in the
40 B<Setup/Pickup> window, then enable/disable it using the right mouse
41 button menu of the playing area.
43 It's customary to disable autopickup in civilised areas, to reduce the
44 risk of taking an item you should not pick up.
46 =head2 Moving the Map
48 You can move the map (I<not> the minimap) around by dragging it with the
49 middle mouse button. This is useful when you rearrange your windows and
50 want to move the center of the map.
52 =head2 Chat
54 You can communicate with other players via the "Chat" tab in the
55 "Messages" window. Chat can be heard by anyone and anywhere. You can also
56 chat by simply typing C<c some text>+return, without having to activate
57 the Chat entry.
59 =head2 Basic commands
61 You can B<move> around using arrow keys, B<pickup> items via "," (the
62 comma-key), B<run> and attack by holding down control and an arrow-key,
63 and B<fire> by holding down shift and an arrow key.
65 =head2 Weight
67 Each item has some weight, and having a lot of items in you inventory may
68 B<slow> you down.
70 =head2 Food
72 All characters (well, almost all) need to eat sometimes, watch the food
73 bar to keep yourself fed.
75 =head2 Depletion
77 If your stats are damaged (depleted) you should use potion of life to
78 B<restore> them.
80 =head2 Signs and other Textual Information
82 B<Reading> all kinds of things is important in this game. It could provide
83 valuable advice or even save your life.
85 =head2 Shops
87 Specialized shops B<pay well> for the items they are interested in and pay
88 almost B<nothing> for items which are not of their kind.
90 =head2 Identification of Items
92 Selling items B<identified> may be more profitable than selling them plain.
93 You can do it via spells, scrolls, altars and other means.
95 =head2 Stuck
97 If you don't know how to exit a location you can try to B<use>
98 transportation spells, B<ask> for help in chat, or as last resort, type
99 the B<"suicide"> command.
101 =head2 Money
103 The most common currencies in Deliantra are silver coins, gold coins and
104 platinum coins, which you can exchange in a bank. Also, other types of
105 currencies are present in game.
107 =head2 Talking
109 Talk to B<all> NPC (the ones with a speech bubble): not only it will help
110 you to become familiar with game world, but they are also a source of
111 B<quests> and B<treasure> hints.
113 =head2 Death and Beyond
115 Don't become upset when you die, you'll be I<resurrected> at the last
116 B<bed of reality> you used, after having paid some B<penalty>. To negate
117 the penalty you can try to B<play a game> with Death.
119 =head2 Saving
121 You must leave the game via "beds to reality", or savebeds, as they are
122 usually called. If you simply disconnect, then monsters can do a harm to
123 you.
125 Usually, these savebeds could be found in inns, houses and so on. Also,
126 these B<beds for reality> are "markers" where you will be resurrected
127 after your death.
129 If you disconnect or are disconnected without having used a savebed,
130 you'll have about 30 minutes to reconnect.
132 =head2 Exploration
134 It is very useful (but also interesting :) ) to B<explore> the country. Don't
135 visit a couple of dungeons on and on, try to find new ones!
137 =head2 Illumination
139 Deliantra has light levels and these light levels are changing with time,
140 and some dungeons can be very dark. To be comfortable with it, you can use
141 B<lanterns>, or B<torches> with flint and steel.
143 =head2 Newbie area
145 After character creation you'll start in a newbie area. You shouldn't try to
146 leave it early, before you are at least level 5 (some characters may take
147 more or less than that).
149 =head2 Diseases
151 You can catch a disease via traps, monsters, other players and just by
152 visiting contaminated areas. All low-level diseases wear off with time,
153 but it is recommended to B<cure> them quickly. Although, if you survive
154 long enough, you can acquire B<immunity> to that disease.
156 =head2 Magic Resistances
158 Some monsters are unaffected by attacks of a certain type. For
159 example, fire dragons cannot be hurt by fire. Try the opposite element
160 instead. Experiment.
162 =head2 Poisoning
164 You can get poisoned via a bite of venomous creatures or magic attacks. In
165 this case, you'll start loosing you HP and your food consumption rate will
166 increase. You can try to B<wait> until it wears off, or try to B<remove>
167 it via spells or potions.
169 =head2 Player Shop
171 You can sell B<interesting> or B<unique> items to other players. Please,
172 don't fill it with regular junk and put each type of item in the section
173 it deserves.
175 =head2 Quests
177 Quests in Deliantra are B<unique> compared to other MMORPGs. You'll never
178 see two similar quests or something like "Kill 20 silver bugs" or "Kill
179 30 golden bugs". No hours of mobslaying! Each quest requires creative
180 approach. You can get your first quests in the B<palace> or at the B<quest
181 master>.
183 =head2 Arrows
185 You can buy B<unlimited> amounts of arrows in specialized archer shops.
187 =head2 Binding
189 It is vital to B<bind> keys to some actions, such as applying healing
190 potion to a key. You can do that by using the right-mouse-button popup
191 menu on items, skills and spells, but also by recording a macro, or by
192 writing it by hand.
195 =head1 X<tooltip>Tooltips
197 This section contains some of the tooltips of the Deliantra client.
199 =head2 X<modifier_box>Keyboard Modifiers
201 This box shows which keyboard modifiers (Shift, Ctrl etc.) are currently
202 active ("pressed").
204 =head3 B<once/REPEAT>
206 C<Ctrl> determines wether an action invoked via the keyboard (moving,
207 firing) is executed once per keypress or repeatedly as fast as
208 possible.
210 In I<once> mode, each time you press a key, your character will try to
211 execute the action once. If you try to execute actions faster than your
212 character is able to, the actions will be queued.
214 In I<REPEAT> mode, your character keep executing the action as long as you
215 keep the keys pressed, as fast as it is able to do. This allows you to run
216 faster with a fast character, but msot importantly enables you to stop
217 immediately, as no matter how fast your character is, stopping to press
218 the keys will stop your character.
220 =head3 B<move/FIRE>
222 C<Shift> determines wether you move or fire when pressing an arrow key.
223 For example, when you have applied a bow, then pressing C<Shift>-Arrow
224 will firean arrow instead of moving your character. Less obviously, this
225 also works for anything else in your range slot, such as spells or skills.
227 =head3 B<alt>
229 Shows wether the C<Alt> key is pressed or not. The Alt key can be used
230 together with the arrow keys to achieve diagonal movement. It is also
231 commonly used to define keyboard macros.
233 =head3 B<num>
235 C<NumLock> isn't used by Deliantra, but on the Windows Operating System,
236 having it on can make it impossible to use the B<numeric keypad> for
237 moving or firing. Likewise having it off on Mac OS X might cause problems
238 with diagonal movement, so when you encounter keyboard issues, try to
239 toggle NumLock.
241 =head2 X<stat_health>
243 B<Health points>. Measures of how much damage you can take before
244 dying. Hit points are determined from your overall level and are
245 influenced by the value of your Con stat. Hp value may range between 1
246 to beyond 500, and higher values indicate a greater ability to withstand
247 punishment.
249 =head2 X<stat_mana>
251 B<Mana (Spell points)>. Measures of how much "fuel" you have for casting
252 spells and incantations. Mana is calculated from your highest magic skill
253 school level and your Pow. Mana values can range between 1 to beyond 500
254 (glowing crystals can increase the current spell points beyond your normal
255 maximum). Higher values indicate greater amounts of mana.
257 =head2 X<stat_grace>
259 B<Grace points> - how favored you are by your god. In game terms, how
260 much divine magic (prayers) you can cast. Your praying level, Wis and Pow
261 effect what the value of grace is. Praying on an altar of your god can
262 increase this value to twice your normal maximum. Grace can take on large
263 positive and negative values. Positive values indicate favor by the gods.
265 =head2 X<stat_food>
267 B<Food>. Ranges between 0 (starving) and 999 (satiated). If it reaches 0
268 and your character cannot find some food to eat (e.g. in your inventory),
269 it begins to die (health points decrease). Some magic can speed up or slow
270 down the character digestion. Healing wounds will speed up digestion too.
272 =head2 X<stat_exp>
274 B<Experience points and overall level> - experience is increased as a
275 reward for appropriate action (such as killing monsters) and may decrease
276 as a result of a magical attack or dying. Level is directly derived
277 from the experience value. As the level of the character increases, the
278 character becomes able to succeed at more difficult tasks. A character's
279 level starts at a value of 1 and may range up beyond 100.
281 =head2 X<stat_ranged>
283 B<Attack Slots> - how you attack when you fire (shift-direction, spell,
284 skill etc.) - your range slot, or you walk/run into something - your
285 combat slot. You can apply both a ranged attack weapon (such as a spell,
286 horn, rod, bow etc.) and a combat attack weapon (such as a sword, knife
287 etc.) at the same time, but only one of them - marked with a C<*> - will
288 be wielded at any one time. You can quickly toggle between the two slots
289 by using C<KP-Plus>, but usually the server will automatically switch
290 between the two slots as needed.
292 =head2 X<stat_Str>
294 B<Physical Strength>, determines damage dealt with weapons, how much you
295 can carry, and how often you can attack.
297 =head2 X<stat_Dex>
299 B<Dexterity>, your physical agility. Determines chance of being hit and
300 affects armor class and speed.
302 =head2 X<stat_Con>
304 B<Constitution>, physical health and toughness. Determines how many
305 healthpoints you can have.
307 =head2 X<stat_Int>
309 B<Intelligence>, your ability to learn and use skills and incantations
310 (both prayers and magic) and determines how much spell points you can have.
312 =head2 X<stat_Wis>
314 B<Wisdom>, the ability to learn and use divine magic (prayers). Determines
315 how many grace points you can have.
317 =head2 X<stat_Pow>
319 B<Power>, your magical potential. Influences the strength of spell
320 effects, and also how much your spell and grace points increase when
321 leveling up.
323 =head2 X<stat_Cha>
325 B<Charisma>, how well you are received by NPCs. Affects buying and
326 selling prices in shops, the L<oratory|skill_description/oratory> and
327 L<singing|skill_description/singing> skills and a few other things.
329 =head2 X<stat_Wc>
331 B<Weapon Class>, effectiveness of melee/missile attacks. Lower is more
332 potent. Current weapon, level and Str are some things which effect the
333 value of Wc. The value of Wc may range between 25 and -72.
335 =head2 X<stat_Ac>
337 B<Armour Class>, how protected you are from being hit by any attack. Lower
338 values are better. Ac is based on your race and is modified by the Dex and
339 current armour worn. For characters that cannot wear armour, Ac improves
340 as their level increases.
342 =head2 X<stat_Dam>
344 B<Damage>, how much damage your melee/missile attack inflicts. Higher
345 values indicate a greater amount of damage will be inflicted with each
346 attack.
348 =head2 X<stat_Arm>
350 B<Armour>, how much damage (from physical attacks) will be subtracted from
351 successful hits made upon you. This value ranges between 0 to 99%. Current
352 armour worn primarily determines Arm value. This is the same as the
353 physical resistance.
355 =head2 X<stat_Spd>
357 B<Speed>, how fast you can move. The value roughly means how many
358 movements per second you can make. It may range between nearly 0 ("very
359 slow") to higher than 40 ("lightning fast"). Base speed is determined from
360 the Dex stat and modified downward proportionally by the amount of weight
361 carried which exceeds the Max Carry limit. The armour worn also sets the
362 upper limit on speed.
364 =head2 X<stat_WSp>
366 B<Weapon Speed>, how many attacks you may make per second when combatting.
367 Higher values indicate faster attack speed. Current weapon and Dex effect
368 the value of weapon speed.
370 =head2 X<npc_message_entry>
372 Enter a message here that you want to tell the NPC and press B<return>.
374 Sometimes you have to tell an NPC something you cannot find out during a
375 normal conversation (such as a password). In those cases you have to use
376 this text entry. You can also enter responses manually instead of using
377 the response buttons below.
379 =head2 X<completer_help>The Command Completer
381 This is your central interface to send text commands to the server. To
382 enter a verbatim command to send to the server, just type the command,
383 followed by a space, and press return.
385 Typing the initial letters of words (or just any letters) displays guesses
386 for commands you might want to use.
388 You can use the cursor-up and cursor-down keys to select between those
389 guesses.
391 B<Right-Click> opens a menu where you can select further options, sich
392 as redefining key bindings.
394 =head2 X<charcreation_focus>
396 Press a key (click on the entry to make sure it has keyboard focus)
399 =head1 X<ui>User Interface Text Fragments
401 This section just contains some longer text fragment used by the
402 Deliantra client.
404 =head2 X<chargen_stats>Character Creation: Stats
406 B<Stats> are a very important aspect of your character. You can use the
407 tooltips to learn what each Stat governs.
409 The stats generated by the server are always sorted from Str (highest) to
410 Cha (lowest). They will be modified later by both the race and the class
411 you choose.
413 You can create another set of stats, swap two stat values with each other
414 or accept the stats as shown below and continue.
416 =head2 X<chargen_race>Character Creation: Race
418 You can look at another race, or accept this race (you will cycle back
419 to this race eventually, so you can take your time making this important
420 choice.