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Revision: 1.56
Committed: Tue Jul 29 09:18:20 2008 UTC (15 years, 10 months ago) by elmex
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pre_cursor_branch, HEAD
Branch point for: cursor
Changes since 1.55: +2 -2 lines
Log Message:
crossfire_libdir => deliantra_libdir, and removed some useless dependencies

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# Content
2 Raphaels detailed suggestions:
4 - Translate the TODO from German to English :-)
6 - Do not require setting DELIANTRA_LIBDIR on the first run. If the LIBDIR
7 cannot be found on the first run, the program does not start so it is
8 not possible to use the Preferences dialog to set the LIBDIR. I have seen
9 that this minor initial problem prevents some people from using the editor,
10 so it would be very nice to avoid this initial bad feeling. Proposal for
11 fixing it: when gce starts (either in the main code or in the BEGIN
12 block), try the following directories in order:
15 "$PREFIX/share/crossfire" ($PREFIX passed by Makefile)
16 "/usr/share/crossfire"
17 "/usr/share/games/crossfire"
18 "/usr/local/share/crossfire"
19 If all of these fail, then open a dialog that asks for LIBDIR (this
20 could be the Preferences or just a one-line entry field).
21 (Note: I had written a patch for that, but I lost it).
23 - Name it gcrossedit, not gce. This is a bit longer to type, but less
24 confusing, especially when installed in a path that contains many other
25 commands with short names. This would also match the CVS module name.
27 - Merge the stack view and the attributes editor window. It is very
28 annoying to have two separate windows that have a different idea of what
29 is the "current" object. The merged view (in the attr editor window)
30 should show the current stack of items, with the active one highlighted.
31 If this item has a non-empty inventory, its contents should be indented
32 in order to differentiate them from other items in the stack. Objects
33 inside a container that is inside another container should be indented
34 twice, and so on...
36 - Allow the merged stack/inventory view to be placed on the left or right
37 side of the attributes editor, or maybe detached, or maybe attached
38 below the toolbox.
40 > > For simplicity of implementation (we are very busy, unfortunately), what
41 > > would be the most preferable location? I'd prefer inside the attribute
42 > > editor, to the left.
43 >
44 > Yes. If I have the attribute editor on the right side of my screen, I
45 > would prefer to have the merged stack/inventory view to its left.
47 - Besides the "del" buttons, there should also be "up" and "down" to
48 change the stacking order. These could be just small ^/v arrows.
50 - There should be a way to customize the author name in the preferences.
52 - The map properties (File->Map Properties) should show the map msg.
54 - In the map editor view, the entries in the context menu that are not
55 useful for the current objects should be inactive (grayed out) or should
56 not be present in the menu. For example, if there is no exit object
57 under the pointer then there should be no "Follow Exit" or it should be
58 inactive.
60 - If the exit object under the pointer goes to a random map ("slaying /!")
61 and if the msg contains a "final_map", then the context menu should say
62 "Follow Random Map Exit" and should go to that final map instead of
63 trying to open the non-existant "/!" map. This is very useful for some
64 multi-level random maps such as /whalingoutpost/underwaterdungeon/...
65 (Note: I had written a patch for that, but I lost it).
67 - Try to be smarter about the position of the pop-up display of the
68 attributes of the objects under the pointer. If the mouse pointer is
69 close to the bottom or left edges of the screen, try to display the
70 pop-up window on the other side of the pointer.
72 - Like for the web-based, add options to highlight the
73 exits, the talking monsters and the connected items in the map view.
74 It would be nice if these features could be enabled or disabled easily
75 in order to be able to toggle quickly between a "clean" view and a view
76 in which all interesting items are highlighted.
78 - Even when the option to highlight the connected items is turned off,
79 moving the mouse pointer over a connected item should temporarily
80 highlight all other objects that have the same connected value. This
81 temporary highlight should disappear when the mouse is moved elsewhere.
83 - When following an exit from another map, the entry point into the new
84 map should be highlighted. This special highlight should remain visible
85 until the user clicks on the map to perform some other action.
87 - When following an exit from another map, the new view should be centered
88 around the entry point (if the map is larger than the window).
90 - When a map window is closed, the inventory/stack view should be cleared
91 immediately if they were using objects from that map.
93 - In the attribute editor, allow text wrap in the "lore" and "msg" tabs.
94 - check whether attributes that equal to the archetype are really reset correctly
96 - add author/date information to maps / edit map message
97 - BUG: Virtual tiles dont change correctly somehow (=> x/y etc.)
98 - is also a FIXME and XXX in the Pick tool!
100 - "show use" sollte bei save layout gespeichert werden
101 - aktuelles tool (button) sollte hervorgehoben werden
102 - vernuenftige marker fuer stackview/attreditor
103 - beim pick stack view updaten und highlighten
105 - dirty flag for maps
106 - replace current map with the next navigated by ctrl+cursorkey
108 - listing archetypes by name
109 - wichtig: einfügen in stack-editor, niemand will tower of hanoi lösen
110 nur um etwas an einer stelle einzufügen.
111 - preferences-dialog: pfadselektoren, richtiges dialog-layout.
112 - picker leer beim start, sieht ugly aus
113 - FIXME: StackView isn't updated if stack changes....
114 - und eventuell sollte inventory und reset to defaults rechtsbündig sein, damit es nicht ihin- und herpsirngt (detail)
115 - contextmenü soltle _kontext_abhängig sein und follow nur bei exits anzeigen
116 - eventuell follow-tool entfernen(?)
117 - go-menü+puntke sollten ebenfalls ausgegreyed sein wenn sie keinen sinn machen
119 feature requests:
120 - aktuelles arch im attreditor im stackview hervorheben
121 - aktueller stackview auf map hervorheben
122 - $EDITOR aufrufen fuer msg/lore
123 - auto-map-resize ("autocrop")
124 - richtiges connect tool
125 - save-status-dialog weg
126 - notebook-reiter sollte hinterlegt sein falls werte darin nin-default sind, wie
127 schon bei den labels der werte selbst.
128 - möglichkeit schaffen, archetypes zu erzeugen (wie erschaffe ich z.b. einen generator?)
129 - auto save von maps
131 future plans:
132 - exit verschieben
133 - make a copy of scorn and remove all exits
134 - move scorn up by 3 fields
135 - remove everythinfg except the floor
136 - modify an attribute of all dragons int ehs elected rectangle