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Revision: 1.10
Committed: Thu Nov 8 03:49:04 2012 UTC (11 years, 7 months ago) by root
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# Content
1 high priority
3 - support for keypad and arrow keys, diagonal movements, also self
4 (i.e. the keys 7, 9, 1, 3 and 5 on the numeric keypad, and
5 the arrow keys together with alt).
6 - no hardcoding of face names, need to use fx(!).
7 - interpret both json and non-json messages for chatbox
8 - interpret pseudo-html and pod sequences in messages (maybe first fix the overall
9 protocol to not mix antique and modern styles?)
10 - auto-switch tabs when server says so (flag value 32 or so).
11 - proper query/reply - autologin is fine, but the username or password
12 must be sent only *once* because the server might ask different
13 questions and this can actualyl destroy accounts. the glclient uses these regexes, so
14 matches text exactly:
15 What is your password\?
16 Please type your password again\.
17 What is your name\?
18 (alternatively, support a better api for creating characters and loging in in general,
19 without cleartext password).
21 - command input needs major work:
22 - it probably should trigger on all letters
23 - it would need a mechanism similar to the existing client for abbreviations
24 (so c becomes chat, rsft ready_skill find traps etc).
26 medium priority
28 - graceful error handling (connect error, disconnect while playing, client
29 should not hang indeifnitely because it waits for a download etc).
30 - character creation, for new players.
31 - proxy to support both test and gameserver, and binary protocol
32 for browesers that can do it, preferably c++ :)
34 low priority
36 - check browser capabilities and tell user to go somewhere else if the browser doesn't
37 support the necessary features (and also list some recommended browsers).
38 - map doesn't show after login, needs movement
39 - floorbox items are without images after login, needs movement to fix
40 - window layout (log window behind map window, command window outside visible area,
41 many windows have scrollbars because their content is a bit bigger etc.).
42 - maybe be able to bring windows to front and back (glclient can't do it either, and it's annoying :)
43 - chatboxes should have chat entries - they normally tell you what to prefix ("command", "chat", "tell abraxas" etc).
44 - maybe make windows resizable on all corners - frequently the lower right corner is hard to reach or inconvenient.
45 - settings dialog with persistent client data such as login/password, preferred server maybe.
46 also keybindings of coruse, and, as soon as implemented, performance/media options,
47 such as: smoothing? sound effects? music? volume?
49 wishlist
51 - query size of browsercache and maybe tell the user that she might get better
52 performance with at leats soandsomany mb of cache.
53 - nicer graphics for everything (especially health &c bars :)
54 - drag and drop for items, maybe spells?
55 - have a quickbar (f1..f10 or 1..9, 0) as in most other games, where
56 one could drag items, spells or skills, maybe with shift and meta as well.
58 big projects (any priority)
60 - sound/music support (requires server changes for IE, but existing data
61 is good enough for firefox, chrome), also includes media license display somewhere.
62 - widget protocol
63 - IE 10 support, maybe earlier IE support