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Revision 1.2 by pippijn, Sun May 7 08:53:18 2006 UTC vs.
Revision 1.3 by elmex, Wed Aug 9 16:08:28 2006 UTC

710x 3 710x 3
711y 26 711y 26
712unique 1 712unique 1
713end 713end
714arch sign 714arch sign
715name Petitions for the DM 715name Petitions for the DMs
716msg 716msg
717I am a talking board, designed for leaving messages for the DM. 717@match *
718If you don't know what to say, say help. 718@eval board::command $who, $msg, $npc
719endmsg 719endmsg
720x 3 720x 3
721y 26 721y 26
722arch event_say 722arch event_apply
723name Petitions board 723title perl
724title Python 724slaying board
725slaying /python/IPO/
726end 725end
727end 726end
728arch tile_white_floor 727arch tile_white_floor
729x 3 728x 3
730y 27 729y 27
2807y 28 2806y 28
2808material 0 2807material 0
2809weight 0 2808weight 0
2810no_pick 1 2809no_pick 1
2811arch event_close 2810arch event_close
2812title Python 2811title perl
2813slaying /python/IPO/ 2812slaying ipo
2814end 2813end
2815arch event_apply 2814arch event_apply
2816title Python 2815title perl
2817slaying /python/IPO/ 2816slaying ipo
2818end 2817end
2819end 2818end
2820arch blocked 2819arch blocked
2821name Void 2820name Void
2822x 13 2821x 13
4255unique 1 4254unique 1
4256end 4255end
4257arch sign 4256arch sign
4258name DM Message Board 4257name DM Message Board
4259msg 4258msg
4260I am a talking board, designed for inter-DM messages. 4259@match *
4261If you don't know what to say, say help. 4260@eval board::command $who, $msg, $npc
4262endmsg 4261endmsg
4263x 21 4262x 21
4264y 26 4263y 26
4265arch event_say 4264arch event_apply
4266name DM board 4265title perl
4267title Python 4266slaying board
4268slaying /python/IPO/
4269end 4267end
4270end 4268end
4271arch tile_white_floor 4269arch tile_white_floor
4272x 21 4270x 21
4273y 27 4271y 27

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