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Revision: 1.6
Committed: Fri Apr 28 16:15:57 2006 UTC (18 years, 1 month ago) by pippijn
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: post_fixaltar, last_stable, post_fixaltar2, rel-2_82, rel-2_81, rel-2_80, pre_coinconvert, rel-3_0, rel-2_6, rel-2_7, rel-2_4, rel-2_5, rel-2_2, rel-2_0, rel-2_1, rel-2_72, rel-2_73, rel-2_71, rel-2_76, rel-2_77, rel-2_74, rel-2_75, rel-2_54, rel-2_55, rel-2_56, rel-2_79, rel-2_53, pre_material_cfarch_normalize_run, rel-2_32, pre_fixconverter, post_coinconvert, pre_fixaltar2, pre_map_rename, rel-2_90, rel-2_92, rel-2_93, rel-2_78, post_fixconverter, pre_fixaltar, rel-2_61, rel-2_43, rel-2_42, rel-2_41, HEAD
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Fixed old scorn

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# Content
1 - Notes saying "I made this map" spoil the role-playing aspect. These remarks can be in the sources, or seen with 'mapinfo', or even translated in roleplaying term (a wall with a "first brick" remark or so)
2 - Pup Land Powerplant: there's a door with a pplant_wraith_key id, but there's no such key (not finished yet?)