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# Content
1 These files were written by Larry Langley. All questions should
2 be sent to
4 Port Joseph Version 1
5 Instalation (the easy way) Change the destination of the
6 third ship from the left in /city/city to /langley/town/portjoseph
7 x:10 y:21
8 Files:
9 langley/
10 town/
11 portjoseph: This is the center of all of the quests associated
12 with these files. It is the only map that hooks in with outside
13 maps. To hook in with portjoseph the destination should be set
14 to /langley/town/portjoseph x:10 y:21 The only exit from port joseph
15 is currently set to arrive at the third ship from the left on the
16 docks in Scorn. (set to /city/city x:19, y:4)
17 church, churchtower, churchcrypt: These three
18 files form a small dungeon for slightly experienced adventurers
19 (yet another undead church)
20 inn, generalstore: The standard town fare.
21 dshark: The beginning of the pirates quest (and other
22 quests in the future, I hope)
23 portia, portia2: part two of the pirate quest.
24 percy: This map is a ghost duplicate of the portjoseph
25 map docks, with the addition of a pirate. It hooks in directly
26 with the pirate quest and will also take characters to newby
27 land: goblin isle (under construction, not included here.)
29 pirates/ (all parts of the pirate quest)
30 fortvsship
31 madvillage
32 mbgrave
33 mbgrave2
34 mooglyprize
35 mooglypuzzle
36 tortcave
37 torthole
38 tortola
39 tortship
40 tortship2
41 tortship3
42 torttemple