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Committed: Sun Feb 5 00:02:08 2006 UTC (18 years, 5 months ago) by root
CVS Tags: post_fixaltar, last_stable, post_fixaltar2, rel-2_82, rel-2_81, rel-2_80, pre_coinconvert, UPSTREAM_2006_03_15, rel-3_0, rel-2_6, rel-2_7, rel-2_4, rel-2_5, rel-2_2, rel-2_0, rel-2_1, rel-2_72, rel-2_73, rel-2_71, rel-2_76, rel-2_77, rel-2_74, rel-2_75, rel-2_54, rel-2_55, rel-2_56, rel-2_79, UPSTREAM_2006_02_01, rel-2_53, pre_material_cfarch_normalize_run, rel-2_32, pre_fixconverter, post_coinconvert, pre_fixaltar2, pre_map_rename, UPSTREAM_2006_02_22, rel-2_90, rel-2_92, rel-2_93, rel-2_78, post_fixconverter, pre_fixaltar, rel-2_61, rel-2_43, rel-2_42, rel-2_41, HEAD
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Initial Import

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# Content
1 This directory is the proper directory for all python scripts for crossfire and the default location for importing CF modules.
3 The subdirectories are:
5 /: all shared files
6 /events: all script files called by a global server event
7 /items: all scripts embedded in archetypes
8 /IPO: all scripts relating to the Imperial Post and Bank system
9 /guilds: all scripts relating to guild management
10 /casino: all scripts related to the casino
11 /misc: other scripts
13 Script additions should be placed in a subdirectory, either existing, or when it makes sense, a new one.
14 Shared classes used for import should be placed in the root directory
16 All Python scripts added to this map repository should be tested with and valid for Python 2.3