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# Content
1 region world
2 longname in The World
3 music ross/game1,jm/bxe_ex_primavera
4 jail_map /scorn/misc/jail
5 jail_x 16
6 jail_y 1
7 portal_map *town_portal_wilderness
8 msg
9 If you are seeing this, someone goofed, you should never see this message, and
10 you should report this to the DM.
11 endmsg
12 end
14 region wilderness
15 parent world
16 longname somewhere in the wilderness
17 fallback 1
18 msg
19 Grass, mountains, trees, rivers, and not a soul to be seen for miles around,
20 the wilderness is not the most civilised of places, and stories
21 that have reached the towns tell of fearsome creatures and labyrinthine
22 dungeons far under the surface. Of course, these rumours have never been
23 verified, though the few who have tried have taken a long time in doing so....
24 endmsg
25 end
27 region panthalassa
28 parent world
29 longname somewhere on the great ocean panthalassa
30 msg
31 Few people ventured far enough to reach the ocean Panthalassa. Its extent
32 is completely unknown, subject of some weird theories only, and nothing is
33 known about its depth, the life it contains or the dangers it holds. No
34 ship ventured far into it and came back. The only thing known about it is this:
35 it is better to turn back. Now.
36 endmsg
37 end
39 treasureone region_panthalassa
40 arch bird
41 end
43 region tethys
44 parent panthalassa
45 longname somewhere on the vast ocean
46 randomitems region_panthalassa
47 chance 0.001
48 msg
49 The source of life and death: Water! The ocean Tethys is surrounding all
50 known landmasses was already many adventurers' death.
51 endmsg
52 end
54 region creation
55 parent world
56 longname at the creation
57 msg
58 Who knows where this place is, but all have seen it. As mysterious as it is,
59 it's just another part of life.
60 endmsg
61 music km/fairytale_waltz
62 end
64 region southpole
65 parent world
66 longname near the south pole
67 music km/spacial_winds
68 msg
69 A cold place in the very south of the world. Strange monsters guard their
70 territory here but also many treasures are said to be found here.
71 endmsg
72 end
74 treasureone region_security_zone
75 arch bird
76 end
78 region greenway
79 parent wilderness
80 longname on the Greenway
81 msg
82 The elves are thought to have quicker ways to travel...
83 endmsg
84 end
86 treasureone region_scorn_kingdom
87 arch bird
88 chance 3
89 more
90 arch gnoll
91 chance 2
92 more
93 arch goblin
94 chance 2
95 more
96 arch ogre
97 chance 1
98 more
99 arch killer_bee
100 chance 1
101 end
103 region scorn_kingdom
104 parent world
105 portal_map *town_portal_scorn
106 longname in the Kingdom of Scorn
107 music km/thinking_out_loud,km/dance_monster
108 chance 0.1
109 randomitems region_scorn_kingdom
110 msg
111 Nestled snugly in a sheltered bay at the west of the Imperial Highway, Scorn
112 is a safe and welcoming place for those who pass by. Its position on the
113 Imperial highway allows it to maintain its importance as a stopping off
114 point between the other major cities along the route and an attractive
115 location for trade and commerce. This combined with the sheltered harbour and
116 extensive shipping lines, ensures that Scorn remains a key crossroads
117 bustling with activity, long after its former military dominance has
118 diminished.
119 endmsg
120 end
122 region scorn_highway
123 parent scorn_kingdom
124 longname on the imperial highway
125 music @travel
126 chance 0.005
127 randomitems region_security_zone
128 msg
129 The Imperial Highway was built long ago, so much so that its origins are
130 now long since passed out of recorded history and into the stuff of legends.
131 In the years since its construction it has gained the name "The yellow Brick
132 Road" on account of the distinctive colour of its paving. Whilst in former
133 times the Imperial highway was safe to all who would pass along it, in
134 recent times it has started to decay, as the toll of centuries comes to bear
135 on this once-splendid testament to past powers. It is still the safest
136 way to travel over land.
137 endmsg
138 end
140 region brest_highway
141 parent scorn_kingdom
142 longname on the road connecting Scorn, Brest and Lake Country
143 music @travel
144 chance 0.005
145 randomitems region_security_zone
146 music ross/game6
147 msg
148 Unlike most places in the world, the area stretching from Scorn down
149 to Brest and Lake Country is patrolled regularly by kingdom soliders
150 and should be relatively safe. Make sure you are not wandering too far
151 into the wilderness, though, as only the roads are under watch (and not
152 everywhere - Lake Country is notoriously dangerous).
153 endmsg
154 end
156 region scorn_county
157 parent scorn_kingdom
158 longname in the county of Scorn
159 chance 0.01
160 randomitems region_scorn_kingdom
161 msg
162 Outside the gates of the city of scorn, the activity of the town can be heard,
163 but not seen. The cries of the traders, and calls of the sailors belie your
164 proximity to this bustling town, though to look around you see only the relative
165 tranquility of quiet farmland and the sense of peace it evokes.
166 endmsg
167 end
169 treasureone region_generic_city
170 arch mouse_nongen
171 end
173 region scorn
174 parent scorn_county
175 longname in the City of Scorn
176 music jm/03 - Strings,jm/05 - Comienza,jm/05 - Kukurukú,jm/06 - Second Creative,jm/08 - Semana Santa,jm/09 - Cuatro Rápido,jm/09 - Qvimera ft BXe - Hip Hop,jm/11 - Mi primer y último reggaetón,jm/12 - Melodía F,jm/14 - Chill Out
177 randomitems region_generic_city
178 msg
179 Here, in amidst the trading activity at the heart of scorn you find
180 yourself scarcely able to hear yourself think with the din of commerce all around
181 you as shop keepers and traders shout their wares.
182 endmsg
183 match ^/scorn/
184 end
186 region scornarena
187 parent scorn
188 longname within the Scorn arena
189 music km/power_restored
190 msg
191 A giant ampitheatre made of white stone that glistens in the sunlight. People in the stands cheering and screaming for blood. The finality of the gates that come crashing down behind the gladiators below them, and the certain knowledge that only one will survive.
192 endmsg
193 end
195 region scornoldcity
196 parent scorn
197 longname within the remains of Old Scorn
198 music km/crisis
199 msg
200 You find yourself gasping in wonder at the extensive caverns underneath the city,
201 here there remains the ruins of old Scorn. A reminder of the great power the city
202 once possessed, and a sign of how far it has fallen. As you look around however
203 you notice that whilst the previous inhabitants of these ruins are no longer
204 present, some new ones seem to have taken their place, and these denizens don't
205 appear to be very welcoming.
206 endmsg
207 end
209 region euthville
210 parent scorn_kingdom
211 longname at the ruins of Euthville
212 music km/unrelenting
213 msg
214 The ruins of Euthville can be found just off the Imperial Highway north
215 of Scorn. The riches and accomplishments of this one prosperous city
216 actually lead to it's downfall. Now, only terror and hardship remains --
217 demons and undead run rampant through the broken remains.
218 endmsg
219 match ^/euthville/
220 end
222 region valdor
223 parent scorn_kingdom
224 longname in The Citystate of Valdor
225 music jm/bxe_na_colaboracion_con_gonzalo_1,jm/mw_gwendolyn
226 portal_map *town_portal_valdor
227 msg
228 Valdor is a city found inside a massive mountains area. Its origins
229 are in a small miners village. Government form is monarchy, economy is
230 capitalistic.
232 Valdor provides Scorn with iron, coal, silver, gold etc. thus they are
233 quite cheap there. Because of its location, Valdor imports a lot of food,
234 clothes and other common cargo. Transport to Valdor is very difficult,
235 the only ground roads go through dangerous mountain passes, and dragon
236 transport is very expensive at Valdor, because of the difficulity of
237 passing the mountains. Thus imported cargo sells very good in Valdor.
239 Valdor through the history was always a small community, and until
240 recently, it had very little contact with the rest of the world, because
241 it was highly unprofitable to export iron through dragon transport or
242 mountains. Because of that, being first under Scorn's protectorate, Valdor
243 eventually proclaimed independence, which was accepted by all other cities
244 on due to the geographical isolation of the city.
245 endmsg
246 match ^/lorak/
247 end
249 region three_sisters
250 parent world
251 longname on the island of the three sisters
252 music km/feral_chase
253 msg
254 What should be a nice island protected by a shield wall of high mountains
255 is rife in discord. Three Sisters, on their quest to immortality, found
256 a way to craft an item that rivaled creations from the ancient gods. For
257 such an infractions - the ancient gods punished The Sisters, leaving
258 them scarred and disfigured with wounds that would have killed any one
259 else. The curse of immortality was then realized, but incomplete. Each
260 of The Three Sisters lost their greatest Gift, which now reside deep in
261 the vaults of the nearby factions. For centuries now, conflict erupts
262 daily as raids between each sect fights to a inevitable stalemate with one
263 another over control of each Sister's Gift. Trapped in their tower, The
264 Three Sisters wait for destiny to grant them one last favor by making them
265 whole once again. Now that the ancient gods are no more - they could once
266 again practice their craft.
267 endmsg
268 match ^/sisters/
269 end
271 region middle_island
272 parent scorn_kingdom
273 longname on the middle island
274 music km/we_got_trouble
275 msg
276 This is a mostly deserted and boring island. It is so boring, in fact,
277 that nobody cared to name it, so everybody just calls it "the middle
278 island", as it is situated roughly in the middle between the Navar and
279 Scorn kingdoms. The fact that it is almost devoid of human settlements
280 makes it an ideal battleground for larger groups.
281 endmsg
282 end
284 treasureone region_navar_kingdom
285 arch ape
286 chance 100
287 more
288 arch sandy
289 chance 70
290 more
291 arch scorpion
292 chance 120
293 more
294 arch snake_nongen
295 chance 70
296 more
297 arch shadowpup
298 chance 7
299 end
301 region navar_kingdom
302 parent world
303 longname in the region around Navar
304 music km/kumasi_groove,jm/bxe_na_oriental,jm/balam_caverna
305 randomitems region_navar_kingdom
306 chance 0.01
307 jail_map /navar_city/jail/jail
308 jail_x 16
309 jail_y 1
310 portal_map *town_portal_navar
311 msg
312 Straddling the corner of the Imperial highway as it turns north near the
313 eastern border of the known world, and surrounded by dangerous territory,
314 Navar is an unlikely site for one of the world's grandest cities.
315 Yet there it stands, dominating the skyline for miles around and showing the
316 same bustling activity expected of any thriving market town.
317 endmsg
318 end
320 region navar_highway
321 parent navar_kingdom
322 longname on the imperial highway
323 music @travel
324 chance 0.005
325 randomitems region_security_zone
326 msg
327 The Imperial Highway was built long ago, so much so that its origins are
328 now long since passed out of recorded history and into the stuff of legends.
329 In the years since its construction it has gained the name "The yellow Brick
330 Road" on account of the distinctive colour of its paving. Whilst in former
331 times the Imperial highway was safe to all who would pass along it, in
332 recent times it has started to decay, as the toll of centuries comes to bear
333 on this once-splendid testament to past powers. It is still the safest
334 way to travel over land.
335 endmsg
336 end
338 region navar
339 parent navar_kingdom
340 longname in the City of Navar
341 chance 0.002
342 randomitems region_generic_city
343 jail_map /navar_city/jail/jail
344 jail_x 16
345 jail_y 1
346 msg
347 The heart of the Navar region: Navar city. It's said it's the gathering of
348 opportunities! Meet experienced adventurers and clever shop keepers or explore
349 the unexplored dungeons.
350 endmsg
351 match ^/navar_city/
352 end
354 region valleynoy
355 parent navar_kingdom
356 longname on Valley Noy
357 music jm/bxe_ex_provis
358 portal_map *town_portal_valleynoy
359 msg
360 This island is famous for its many deep valleys. Few people live here, and
361 most of them mine the mountains for gems, crystals and precious metals.
362 endmsg
363 end
365 treasureone region_brest_county
366 arch panther
367 more
368 arch giant_bat
369 more
370 arch dog
371 more
372 arch mastif
373 more
374 arch blob
375 more
376 arch war_ant
377 more
378 arch spit_ant
379 end
381 region brest_county
382 parent world
383 longname in Brest county
384 music km/the_dread,km/dragon_and_toast,jm/bxe_vu_triste,km/fire_prelude
385 chance 0.01
386 randomitems region_brest_county
387 portal_map *town_portal_brest
388 msg
389 Little is known about this mostly unexplored area. The harsh weather and dangerous
390 wildlife prevented most adventurers from traveling in this area, and the rest seems
391 to know how to keep their secrets to them.
392 endmsg
393 end
395 treasureone region_brest
396 arch snake_nongen
397 end
399 region brest
400 parent brest_county
401 longname in Brest
402 randomitems region_brest
403 chance 0.01
404 msg
405 The town of the tough. Only few adventurers find their way here without
406 meeting death instead. But the ones who found it built up a city in the midst
407 of nowhere, cornered by high and unpassable mountains.
408 endmsg
409 match ^/brest/
410 end
412 treasureone region_darcap_county
413 arch small_troll
414 chance 50
415 more
416 arch gnoll
417 chance 50
418 more
419 arch ogre
420 chance 50
421 more
422 arch elec_dragon
423 chance 5
424 more
425 arch faerie_dragon
426 chance 5
427 more
428 arch cold_dragon
429 chance 5
430 more
431 arch baby_dragon
432 chance 2
433 more
434 arch para_fire
435 chance 5
436 more
437 arch para_water
438 chance 5
439 more
440 arch para_air
441 chance 5
442 more
443 arch para_earth
444 chance 5
445 end
447 region darcap_county
448 parent world
449 longname in the sultanate of Darcap
450 music km/blue_scorpion,km/artifact,jm/mmm_icarus
451 randomitems region_darcap_county
452 chance 0.01
453 portal_map *town_portal_darcap
454 msg
455 Isolated from the rest of the region by the ocean and an extensive
456 mountain range to the south, and possessing a massive natural harbour,
457 Darcap is a small, but easily defensible town, dominated by a pair of
458 powerful guilds. The town is also noted for its circus, whose reputation
459 draws visitors from all over the world.
460 endmsg
461 end
463 region darcap
464 parent darcap_county
465 longname in the city of Darcap
466 chance 0.002
467 randomitems region_generic_city
468 msg
469 The center of an isolated continent: Darcap city, where brave adventurers
470 and mysterious practitioners of the arcane and dark arts live and perform.
471 endmsg
472 match ^/darcap/
473 end
475 region darcapcircus
476 parent darcap
477 longname in the Darcap Circus
478 music km/waunobe_march,km/comic_hero
479 msg
480 This circus' reputation draws visitors from all over the world.
481 endmsg
482 end
484 treasureone region_wolfsburg_county
485 arch pirate
486 chance 50
487 more
488 arch gnome
489 chance 50
490 more
491 arch fighter
492 chance 50
493 more
494 arch thief_1
495 chance 15
496 more
497 arch child_thief
498 chance 15
499 end
501 region wolfsburg_county
502 parent world
503 longname near the port of Wolfsburg
504 randomitems region_wolfsburg_county
505 chance 0.01
506 music km/miris_magic_dance,km/netherworld_shanty
507 msg
508 Located on an island far away from the coast, Wolfsburg relies entirely on its
509 quay to supply the town and as a result has a strong seafaring tradition among
510 its populence.
511 endmsg
512 end
514 region wolfsburg
515 parent wolfsburg_county
516 longname in Wolfsburg
517 randomitems region_wolfsburg_county
518 chance 0.01
519 msg
520 A filthy, dangerous city Wolfsburg certainly is. Full of pirates, thugs and similarly
521 low life forms, Wolfsburg has acquired the reputation of being a pirate's nest. Travel,
522 especially at sea, is very dangerous around Wolfsburg.
523 endmsg
524 match ^/wolfsburg/
525 end
527 region santodominion_county
528 parent world
529 longname in the area around Santo Dominion
530 music km/sancho_panza_gets_a_latte,jm/bxe_na_viva_latinoamerica
531 msg
532 Santo Dominion sits in a small bay to the north of Scorn. It is an
533 important port of call for ships travelling to and from Scorn and is
534 also somewhat famous for its Opera and its Litle House of Horrors, two
535 magnificent cultural buildings you would not expect in so small a town as
536 Santo Dominion.
537 endmsg
538 end
540 region santodominion
541 parent santodominion_county
542 longname in Santo Dominion
543 chance 0.002
544 randomitems region_generic_city
545 msg
546 Santo Dominion sits in a small bay to the north of Scorn. It is an
547 important port of call for ships travelling to and from Scorn and is
548 also somewhat famous for its Opera and its Litle House of Horrors, two
549 magnificent cultural buildings you would not expect in so small a town as
550 Santo Dominion.
551 endmsg
552 match ^/santo_dominion/
553 end
555 treasureone region_lake_country
556 arch cobra
557 chance 100
558 more
559 arch black_metallic_serpent
560 chance 20
561 more
562 end
564 region lakecountry
565 parent world
566 longname in Lake Country
567 music jm/baal_final_march
568 randomitems region_lake_country
569 chance 0.015
570 msg
571 Lake Country originally was where the elves lived who where exiled
572 from the north by the kings of Scorn, during the Vth millenia EK. They
573 named the area Vkovzerov. The major elven city of Vkovzerov was
574 Tashkeren-tah. It was destroyed by a Water arch-elemental in 4453EK.
576 Repopulated by Lord Butakis, this land is a unique region of lakes, rivers and the sea.
577 Changes, both natural and unnatural, had drastically transformed the landscape of
578 this area. Rivers had been diverted, lakes were drained, and the sea had reseeded -
579 only to have all this undone or remade through a catastrophic flood a decade later.
580 As a result of this devastation, one needs to recognize the hardship and sorrow
581 that has been a burden on this land. Many lives have been lost, several graves -
582 marked and unmarked fill area. Rumors that the fog, which covers the land, is a
583 testament of the grief and anguish experienced by the first settlers has drawn
584 those brave enough to face such superstition. Another interest of lore is the
585 wandering spirit from the nearby forest; a spirit in which seems to be holding a
586 grudge from ages ago. Others travel to Lake Country because of its reputation -
587 the rich shops operated by retired adventurers, the Training Tower and the safety
588 within the Fortress of Lord Butakis.
589 endmsg
590 match ^/lake_country/(?!Butakis/)
591 end
593 region butakisfortress
594 parent lakecountry
595 longname in the Fortress of Lord Butakis
596 msg
597 The Fortress of Lord Butakis stands as a testament to the determination of Butakis
598 to settle and secure the area called Lake Country. This bastion of security provides
599 a hard line of defense against the demons, dragons, rogue wizard faction and agents
600 of chaos that plague this land. While the stronghold stands in defiance of disorder,
601 there seems to be dark forces at work from the inside; slowly whittling away the
602 foundation of what the Fortress represents. As a result of this, security of the
603 Fortress has greatly increased in the past years. A few have grown concerned over
604 the very crowded prison filled with accused spies, thieves, and worse.
605 endmsg
606 match ^/lake_country/Butakis/
607 end
609 region portjoseph
610 parent world
611 longname in Port Joseph
612 chance 0.002
613 randomitems region_generic_city
614 msg
615 Port Joseph is located on the largest (which isn't saying much) of a chain of
616 islands west of the Kingdom of Scorn. While the island doesn't boast very much,
617 most everything there is very practical. How the times have changed. The early
618 days of Port Joseph was a haven for the most ruthless band of pirates that the
619 high seas has ever seen. The infamous reputation of Port Joseph died with the
620 passing of renowned pirate admiral, Moogley Bill. While his legend lives on,
621 his treasure horde is still missing. Thanks to increased presence and protection
622 from The King's Navy, many trade routes now pass through or near the area, so
623 that makes the Port a frequent stop and transfer point for merchants.
624 However, the pirate roots are still relevant today.
625 endmsg
626 match ^/port_joseph/
627 end
629 region pupland
630 parent world
631 longname in Pupland
632 music km/an_upsetting_theme,km/ambush
633 portal_map *town_portal_lone_town
634 msg
635 Pupland is as dangerous as a small puppy. It is a happy, thriving community of
636 nice and peaceful people. Or at least so it seems on first sight...
637 endmsg
638 match ^/pup_land/
639 end
641 region ancientpupland
642 parent pupland
643 longname in the Pupland of times long past
644 music km/misuse
645 msg
646 You have been thrown to this ancient version of pupland through some
647 unidentified time travel magic. Nobody knows what dangers or joys
648 are waiting here.
649 endmsg
650 end
652 region nurnberg
653 parent pupland
654 longname in Nurnberg
655 msg
656 Nurnberg is one of the biggest and most modern cities of the known world. It is famous
657 for its many unique attractions that set it apart from the more average cities of the
658 world.
659 endmsg
660 match ^/pup_land/nurnberg/
661 end
663 region lonetown
664 parent pupland
665 longname in Lone Town
666 chance 0.002
667 randomitems region_generic_city
668 msg
669 Formerly a very secluded and cold place that was hard to reach, Lone Town has seen
670 a remarkable increase in travel and tourism over the recent years due to a
671 much better airline and road infrastructure.
672 endmsg
673 match ^/pup_land/lone_town/
674 end
676 region aldwulf
677 parent world
678 longname in the aldwulf archipelago
679 music km/thinking_out_loud,km/dance_monster
680 chance 0.1
681 msg
682 Situated in some distance to the nearest continent, the aldwulf
683 archipelago has a very distinct culture. Unlike in other parts of the
684 world, you can actually find civilised kobold races here. Important
685 sightseeing stops are the water town and the various kobold towns.
686 endmsg
687 match ^/aldwulf/
688 end
690 region stoneville_county
691 parent world
692 longname near Stoneville
693 music km/legend_of_one
694 msg
695 Stoneville is a small ship port located on the western side of
696 Dragon Island. The island primarily serves as a vacation residence
697 for wealthy merchants and adventurers. For those who are not
698 quite ready for retirement or seeking fame - guilds and shops keep
699 those travelers well stocked and tested. Of course, the islands
700 riches also seem to attract those with nefarious purposes who have
701 taken hold of the various caves in the nearby mountains. And in
702 some cases, more closer to home then what most inhabitants would like.
703 endmsg
704 end
706 region stoneville
707 parent stoneville_county
708 longname in Stoneville City
709 music jm/baal_shadows_of_the_night,jm/bxe_vu_desierto
710 chance 0.002
711 randomitems region_generic_city
712 msg
713 Stoneville is the home of such adventurous places as the Adventurers
714 Guild, the Adventurous Shop and the Burning Adventurer. The island, albeit
715 small, is rumoured to host a number of dragons, too, which gave it the
716 unofficial name "Dragon Island".
717 endmsg
718 match ^/dragonisland/
719 end
721 region firevolcano
722 parent world
723 longname in the Fire Volcano
724 music km/neolith,km/thinking_out_loud
725 msg
726 This fiery volcano rose up from the mountains one day. It is inhabited by a
727 strange race of fire creatures who seem friendly, but very competitive.
728 endmsg
729 end
731 region azumauindo
732 parent world
733 longname in the Shogunate of Azumauindo
734 music jm/tws_green_island,jm/tws_birds_in_the_sunrise
735 portal_map *town_portal_azumauindo
736 msg
737 A hidden and closed civilization, at the far east of the world.
738 endmsg
739 end
741 region dream
742 parent world
743 longname dreaming?
744 music km/celtic_impulse
745 portal_map *town_portal_cdc
746 msg
747 You do not know if you are awake or still dreaming.
748 endmsg
749 match ^/mlab/
750 end
752 region citydeclouds
753 parent dream
754 longname in the City de Clouds
755 msg
756 A wonderous city resting on the clouds, it could not possibly exist...
757 endmsg
758 end
760 region theabyss
761 parent dream
762 longname in The Abyss
763 msg
764 Where the damned lay in torment for eternity. There is no forgiveness. Welcome
765 to hell.
766 endmsg
767 end
769 region dis
770 parent theabyss
771 longname in the city of Dis
772 msg
773 Long forgotten, here lies the eternal city of hell. It was never made nor shall
774 it be unmade. It was here and always will be, the damned have their city and no
775 enjoyment to them will it ever surrender.
776 endmsg
777 end
779 region kingdomofsaints
780 parent dream
781 longname in the Kingdom of Saints
782 msg
783 A kingdom where pagan worship is outlawed and magic scorned. Dispite this there is said to
784 be much advanced knowlege known to it, outside the realms of sorcery and superstition.
785 The kingdom has a severe shortage of gold and thus prefers outsiders to pay debts in the metal,
786 however it is rich in iron and copper ore, aswell as emeralds, though it's emerald production
787 has recently sharply decreased due to an unknown reason.
788 endmsg
789 end
791 region kingdomofsaintsborder
792 parent kingdomofsaints
793 longname near the Kingdom of Saints Border
794 msg
795 A kingdom where pagan worship is outlawed and magic scorned. Dispite this there is said to
796 be much advanced knowlege known to it, outside the realms of sorcery and superstition. To the
797 east of here lies the Valley of Gehennom. To the north and south is unknown wilderness.
798 endmsg
799 end
801 region stjohns
802 parent kingdomofsaints
803 longname in the town of St. John's
804 msg
805 The seat of justice for the Kingdom of Saints and the town closest to the border. This town
806 once sent to the capital, St. Bartholomew, vast riches in the green gem. It's mine now lays
807 vacant due to an unknown malady.
808 endmsg
809 end
811 region strose
812 parent kingdomofsaints
813 longname in the town of St. Rose
814 msg
815 A small town in the Kingdom of Saints dwarfed to the east by the copper mountains.
816 Its main production is livestock.
817 endmsg
818 end
820 region stbartholomew
821 parent kingdomofsaints
822 longname in the town of St.Bartholomew
823 msg
824 The town of St. Bartholomew is the capital of the Kingdom of Saints.
825 Situated between two mountain ranges rich in iron and copper ore St.
826 Bartholomew is well protected and well supplied with minerals useful
827 in wartime production. St. Bartholomew boasts a world class
828 bank, a well stocked libary, and one of the only two power generation
829 plants in existance, as well as the only working centerfuge throughout the
830 explored world.
831 endmsg
832 end
834 region ipo_meeting
835 parent world
836 longname in the IPO meeting room
837 msg
838 Completely carved out of a non-magic plane that consists of dense rock,
839 the IPO meeting room is considered one of the most illustruous achievement
840 of modern magic.
842 Most Post Offices have a connection to this room, making it possible for
843 people living in distant regions to meet each other in person.
844 endmsg
845 end
847 region heaven
848 parent world
849 longname in Heaven Town
850 music jm/bxe_vu_ave_maria_al_anochecer,jm/bxe_vu_creciente
851 portal_map *town_portal_heaven
852 msg
853 You feel a little bit afloat and very calm. This is heaven! The Heaven Town is
854 built by the joint effort of the worlds population under guidance of Valriel
855 and Gaea.
856 endmsg
857 match ^/heaven/
858 end
860 region tindervale
861 parent navar_kingdom
862 longname in The Fireborn Capitol of Tindervale
863 music jm/tws_a_new_life_waits,jm/bxe_vu_90s_break
864 portal_map *town_portal_tindervale
865 msg
866 This small town, is the center of activity for the fireborn race.
867 In its centre lies the keep of the fireborn Art.
868 endmsg
869 match ^/art/
870 end
872 region celvear
873 parent navar_kingdom
874 longname in Celvear Port
875 music jm/mw_the_death_of_magic,jm/bxe_vu_pieza_pequena_2,jm/bxe_vu_pieza_pequena_5
876 portal_map *town_portal_celvear
877 msg
878 A town under the dominion of The Kingdom of Navar. Celvear is a small port
879 that guards the bay of Navar and, for this, has great strategic value to Navar,
880 which in turn gives Celvear a lot of freedom on how to interpret the law.
881 endmsg
882 match ^/celvear_port/
883 end
885 region lostwages
886 parent navar_kingdom
887 longname in the town of Lostwages
888 msg
889 Lostwages is a small town (it calls itself "city") that boasts of a
890 casino, something not common in the Kingdom of Scorn due to strict
891 anti-gambling laws. This was made possible by some clever contracts,
892 putting Lostwages under the jurisdiction of Navar, even though is is surrounded
893 by the Kingdom of Scorn.
894 endmsg
895 match ^/lostwages/
896 end
898 region marksel
899 parent navar_kingdom
900 longname in the Hamlet of Lord Marksel
901 msg
902 Situated about half way between The Kingdom of Navar and The Sultanate of Darcap,
903 Marksel is a mining town whose old motto seemed to be, "Enough to Live With."
904 A small group of sages, with their research, drives the demand for the mines rich
905 metal. As long as the work pays wages enough to keep the ale flowing from the
906 nearby tavern, miners will be back at their post the following day. Something has
907 changed though, just as the hamlet was about to prosper, the trade roads leading
908 to it fell under siege from bandits. The merchant trade contracts have defaulted;
909 the roads are too risky and unsafe. The forces of Lord Marksel have seen the
910 tide of battle tip away from their favor. Their hope dims with each passing day.
911 endmsg
912 match ^/marksel/
913 end
915 region whalingoutpost
916 parent navar_kingdom
917 longname at the Whaling Outpost
918 msg
919 Also known as Terra Glaci in Old Navarian, this frozen wasteland is located on the far edge of
920 the known world. The "Land of Frost" has been partially settled by those brave (or foolish)
921 enough to fend off the Polar Bears, Ice elementals, Frost Dragons and similar monstrosities.
922 Those in residence make a living (well, mere existence) out of whaling, which is why many of
923 the nearby islands make up the Whaling Outpost. No one knows for sure who or how many reside
924 around here, as the appetite of any wondering beast leaves countless dwellings empty and
925 numerous ships at the bottom of the sea.
926 endmsg
927 match ^/whalingoutpost/
928 end
930 region gotisch
931 parent navar_kingdom
932 longname in The Principality Gotisch
933 msg
934 Gotisch is located in a rocky and mostly barren area. It comes second only
935 to the great desert near tindervale in its hostility to life, and is, in
936 fact, located right to the east of that desert.
938 Since the area is so barren, the dwarven inhabitants mostly dwell in the
939 mountainous areas and have worked small miracles in making those areas
940 suitable for farming.
942 Common to all the cities in the Principality of Gotisch is that they speak
943 a funny language, that often sounds extremely threatening when all that
944 was actually said amounts to "Pleasure to have you here!".
945 endmsg
946 match ^/gotischerbereich/
947 end
949 region wassar
950 parent navar
951 longname in the City of Wassar
952 portal_map *town_portal_wassar
953 music km/water_prelude,jm/tws_train_to_nowhere
954 msg
955 Wassar City is an underwater city, situated underneath the Navar continent. It was mainly
956 inhabited by the creatures of water, but recently its entrance has been discovered and some
957 overground inhabitants have moved in. The water creatures are known for their dislike and
958 distrust of the overland creatures who have moved in, and generally only respect them once
959 they are a citizen. This does not hold true for members of the government, however they do
960 find hate in the worshippers of Ixalovh's enemy god, Ruggilli.
961 endmsg
962 match ^/wassar/
963 end