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File (rev) Last Change
src/ (from fdpass.C/1.26) Fix typo
eg/ (from c-sample.c/1.6) Build (but not install) the sample C program.
doc/ (from libptytty.3/1.7) Regenerate libptytty.3 and README 1.1 (3 years ago) by sf-exg: Add pkg-config file
config.h.cmake 1.1 (3 years ago) by sf-exg: Add cmake build system
README 1.11 (2 years ago) by sf-exg: Regenerate libptytty.3 and README
Changes 1.62 (18 months ago) by sf-exg: Update Changes
COPYING 1.3 (9 years ago) by sf-exg: Revert last change.
CMakeLists.txt 1.4 (18 months ago) by sf-exg: Do not remove generated doc files on clean
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