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2 What is xcb?
3 ============
4 Do you ever wish you could cut two or more separate pieces of text
5 at once from a window? Do you ever need to save the output from one
6 command for reuse in several subsequent tasks? Do you ever find
7 yourself wanting some easy means of globally exporting data, e.g.
8 to a parent shell, to another xterm or application, or to another
9 machine or user? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then
10 xcb is for you.
12 Xcb provides access to the cut buffers built into every X server.
13 It allows the buffers to be manipulated either via the command line,
14 or with the mouse in a point and click manner. The buffers can be
15 used as holding pens to store and retrieve arbitrary data fragments,
16 so any number of different pieces of data can be saved and recalled later.
17 The program is designed primarily for use with textual data.
20 What is so good about this release?
21 ===================================
22 Release 2.3i add I18n and Unicode support to the base xcb. It also
23 supports more formats, so applications requiring compound text
24 for example work. You cna also paste utf-8 and japanese text...
26 Release 2.3 fixes a bug found in the XView code that prevented data
27 from being pasted from xcb to XView applications such as cmdtool.
29 The release also adds a Motif GUI, selectable as a compile-time option.
30 Now you can choose between the Athena or the Motif look and feel.
33 Yes, but has it been ported to WHIZ-IX 12.1A.00x, on SRS-80 27-bit CPUs?
34 ========================================================================
35 Xcb has been ported to a wide variety of sites and systems.
36 In no particular order, the machines and operating systems known
37 to be running xcb include:-
39 o OSx (5.1a) - Pyramid MIS-2/02
40 o DC/OSx (1.0) - Pyramid MIServer-S 1/32 r3000
41 o AT&T SYSV (SVR3.2, SVR4) - i386, DG Aviion 5200
42 o HP-UX (lots of versions) - HP 9000s
43 o SunOS (4.1) - Sun3, Sun4, Solbourne Series5, SPARCstations
44 o SPARC/OS (1.1)
45 o Solaris (2.1) - SPARCstations
46 o Irix (4.0, 5.2) - SGI
47 o ULTRIX (4.2) - DECstations
48 o UNICOS (6.1) - Cray Y-MP
49 o ConvexOS (10.0.2) - Convex 3100
50 o DYNIX (V3.0.17.10) - Sequent Symmetry S81
51 o AIX (3.2) - RS6000
52 o RISC/os (4.52) - MIPS
53 o Domain/OS (10.4) - Apollo DN3000, 3500, 4500, 5500
54 o Linux (lots of versions) - i486
55 o VMS (5.5)
56 o DGUX (5.4.2) - AViiON mc88100
57 o Dynix/ptx (1.3) - i386
60 Xcb has been written to compile using both ANSI and non-ANSI compilers.
61 It is in use in X11 R3, R4, R5 and R6 environments. The current version
62 uses either the Athena widgets (libXaw.a) or the Motif widgets (libXm.a),
63 plus the X Toolkit library (libXt.a).
66 Ok, where is it available?
67 ==========================
69 This version is a branch of the original xcb sources. It's homepage can be
70 found at
73 So, it will compile, will it?
74 =============================
75 Yes! The makefiles will, by default, build the Athena widgets version
76 of xcb. If you prefer Motif, you should adjust the $(GUI) definition
77 to be -DMOTIF. In addition, if you wish to cut and paste text between
78 xcb and XView applications, you should also add the -DXVIEW flag.
80 AT&T SVR4 sites need libnsl.a during linking. If you are using
81 SVR4, and you don't like Imakefiles, you will need to add -lnsl to the
82 LIBS in Makefile.std.
84 HP-UX users may find that the Athena widgets are not installed on their
85 machine, even though the components are freely available as part of the
86 MIT X11 distribution. There is an HP maintained, but unsupported, set
87 of X11R4 libraries and utilities (including the Athena widgets) for the
88 HP 9000 Series 300, 400, 700, and 800. You can get the libraries,
89 include files, and config files (imake) via anonymous FTP from
90 ( - look for pub/MitX11R4/libs.s*00.tar.Z
92 AIX 3.2 users may find their Athena components are installed in a
93 non-standard place. Check the directory /usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/lib/Xaw.
95 VMS and ULTRIX users may find their Athena components are installed in
96 a non-standard place too. Check the directory /usr/include/mit for the
97 Athena include files.
100 And how do I set the thing up?
101 ==============================
102 That is pretty easy too. Once you have compiled the program,
103 you can start using it straight away - just put it in your favourite
104 bin directory. The program contains a minimal set of fallback resources
105 so that it will behave itself even if there are no X resource specifications
106 for it to feed on. To install the program, plus its application defaults
107 file, and the man page, simply type 'make install', after
108 checking the target directories for the install in the Imakefile/Makefile.std.
111 Who is to blame? Where do I send complaints?
112 =============================================
113 Blame me. If you have any bug reports, porting problems, comments,
114 more comments, suggestions, patches, unwanted cash etc. please tell me.
115 I can be reached at the email address below.
117 Marc Lehmann <>
119 Feb 2001 ;)
122 I couldn't reach the original author, who wrote most of xcb, but your
123 mileage may vary. Xcb was originally brought to you by:
125 Better still, if you really like xcb, send me a postcard!
126 (to P.O. Box 213, Belgrave, Victoria, Australia. 3160).
128 Enjoy.
129 Farrell McKay (
130 Nov 1994