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Deliantra/ (from 2.01
Deliantra-Client/ (from Makefile.PL/1.131) *** empty log message ***
arch/ (from default.faceinfo/1.29) added marble quad.
dclient/ (from inventory_widget: don't fault on pgdn with only one item by Jonathan Neuschäfer <>
deliantra-vm/ (from update/1.12) *** empty log message ***
gde/ (from Changes/1.10) fixed connect tool.
maps/ (from regions/1.79) doh
proxy/ (from AssemblyInfo.cs/1.1) added proxy to repository
server/ (from Changes/1.881) *** empty log message ***
util/ (from copy_names/1.1) *** empty log message ***
www/ (from generate/1.35) *** empty log message ***
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