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# Content
1 This is a generic README file for the arch directory.
2 You should also read the CHANGES for and Naming.doc file.
4 The color bitmap files use the XPM library (called xpm-3.4f on
5 most ftp sites. A later version may be out now.)
7 This library is needed in order to compile crossfire with the color
8 pixmap support.
10 The pixmap files have the same name as the bitmap file with ".xpm"
11 concatenated to the end. If your system has short filename length
12 limits, this may cause a problem.
14 I use 'pixmap' to edit the xpm files. This should be available the
15 same place the xpm library can be found. It does require the xpm
16 library.
18 All of the XPM files have been colored. However, only a small number
19 have actually been done so properly - that is, by hand, and with the
20 proper outlines. Many people are working on fixing more of these up.
22 If you do start to work on colorizing the other directories, please
23 let me know. Otherwise, you may start working on something that someone
24 else has already done.
26 The file xpm.template in the dev directory is a XPM file that has all of
27 the colors that are allowable for XPM files. This is to limit the total
28 number of colors used, in order not of overrun color spaces on systems.
29 If you really need a color not in that file, please send mail to Mark
30 Wedel (, and it might be added to the list of
31 acceptable colors.
33 For a list of colors to use, look at the dev/xpm.template file.
36 Mark Wedel
38 ----
39 Some coloring/perspective hints/clarifications from David Sundqvist:
41 Perspective in Crossfire is based on the XY coordinate system of possible
42 player movements, with a slight tilting of the graphics to allow for
43 greater detail and more interesting graphics, since walls have to be in
44 that perspective to allow joining. X and Y in graphics should correspond
45 to X and Y in the object. Z in the object is represented with 2 Y/X.
46 Keeping perspective consistency is mainly important in fixed objects
47 like buildings, walls and other background.
49 Light should generally come from the right side, so the left side of
50 buildings should be darker or shaded, as needed.
52 Wind is generally coming from the left side, so smoke or other things
53 affected by wind should be travelling towards the right side.