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Revision: 1.2
Committed: Tue Jun 3 16:19:36 2003 UTC (21 years ago) by root
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +2 -2 lines
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# User Rev Content
1 root 1.1 (this fork is maintained by Marc Lehmann <>)
3     2.4 Mon Nov 25 16:15:55 CET 2002
4     - much better i18n, slightly inefficient and probably
5 root 1.2 not perfect, but can be used to convert between a lot of apps
6     who have their own problems (mozilla, netscape, lyx, rxvt...)
7 root 1.1
8     2.32 Wed Mar 28 12:04:26 CEST 2001
9     - properties are now being initialized properly.
11     2.3i (branch maintained by Marc Lehmann <>)
12     - Forked version because the original maintainer was unreachable.
13     - Internal representation has now changed to utf-8 (XFree)
14     or locale-dependent multibyte (X).
15     - Font ressource is now .fontSet instead of .font.
16     - I/O is done using the current locale unless the -u (utf8)
17     switch is in effect.
19     Version 2.3 (patchlevel 3):
20     o Bug fix: XVIEW code was broken when pasting from xcb to
21     some XView applications (cmdtool, mailtool, ....)
22     o Added alternative Motif(tm) GUI for that special warm
23     3D look-and-feel that we all love.
25     Version 2.2 (patchlevel 2):
26     o Added -S task mode option for copying the current PRIMARY
27     selection into a cut buffer. Use this if you need to grab
28     a copy of the current PRIMARY selection.
29     o Added WM_NAME hints to each of the individual buffer windows.
30     This helps you to set the PRIMARY selection from a program
31     or shell script - send a <Btn1Down> event to one of the windows.
32     o Bug fix: needed to explicitly specify all form widget
33     attachments for the -h and -v layout schemes.
34     o Bug fix: multi-row example resources were wrong.
36     Version 2.1 (patchlevel 1):
37     o Added the WM_DELETE_WINDOW protocol.
38     o Bug fix: on some platforms (SunOS, ULTRIX and VMS) xcb could
39     not hand off the PRIMARY selection between its own windows,
40     so windows remained highlighted, and could not be re-selected.
41     o Bug fix: rotating the buffers when using fewer than 8 cut
42     buffer windows, either via mouse button 3 or via the arrow
43     keys, caused the program to dump core.
45     Version 2.0 (patchlevel 0):
46     o Went to an Xaw and Xt based implementation. Many pros and
47     cons to this decision. Some of the pros: standardized
48     support for Toolkit command line switches, support for
49     resource specifications .Xdefaults app-defaults files etc.,
50     control over individual subwindow sizes, placement,
51     translations etc. Some of the cons: program is noticeably
52     fatter and slower (Booo, hiss).
53     o User selectable number of cut buffers - any number from
54     1 upwards; no longer limited to 8.
55     o Added code for compatibility with XView 2.0 and 3.0 applications
56     (code provided Danny Vanderryn; thanks Danny!).
57     o Added XIO error handler for graceful shutdown when killed.
58     o Changed list processing for '-p' and '-s' options so that
59     list order and duplicates are significant.
61     Version 1.1 (patchlevel 1):
62     o Added WM_CLASS hints to the client properties. This fixed
63     failures by some window managers (e.g. mwm, olwm) to honour
64     client decoration directives.
65     o Removed 9x15bold default font specification (sigh, reluctantly).
66     o #include <stdlib.h> directive is now conditional upon __STDC__.
67     o Added another example to the man page.
68     o Several porting changes to Imakefile and Makefile.std
69     o Fallback geometry in vertical mode altered to give a tall, thin
70     window size.
71     o Support for non-standard implementations of realloc() added, i.e.
72     '-s' option never passes a NULL pointer value to realloc() now.
73     o Function declarations rewritten for compilation in both
74     ANSI and non-ANSI environments.
75     o usage() string concatenated.
76     o Warnings/complaints from some compilers re parameter type
77     mismatch in XChangeProperty() calls fixed.
79     Version 1.0:
80     o Initial version